Helping you create!

Harness my experience and training for your benefit, and have me teach you or your favourite group of people some creative skills!

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Custom Commissions

There is really nothing like a custom art piece made especially for you, in a home or work environment. What image themes are you drawn to? What colour hues are you most fond of? How can art enhance the space and connect it to what you find restful or exciting?

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Workshops & Social Justice Programming

Art has the power to move minds, hearts, and hands in new directions. Whether this process makes us take a second look at ourselves, or allows for critical thought around changing systems and circumstances, advocacy can be found in so many different forms.

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Experience Counts.

I went back to graduate school as a mature student, and so had the advantage of contextualizing and integrating my many life experiences into new critical thinking frameworks. Reflection is a fantastic inner learning tool, that in turn shapes outer actions.

Working with such diversity throughout the years has its advantages. Whatever challenges you bring to me, I can, will, and want to create and collaborate with you. I love the way it stretches my mind and my practices.

Let's create change, together.