My Approach

I am a visual, performance, and spoken/written word artist. I am also a social worker, focusing on clinical practice.

By combining my fine arts skills with my social work values and practices, I see so many possibilities for a continuous cross-over between the two. I have been involved in many recent projects where helping people artistically express themselves has been part of expanding and creating a larger narrative for themselves, individually, or as part of a specific group. These have been such great experiences!

I earned a baccalaureate degree in Fine Arts, with a specialty in drawing, from the University of Calgary (1995). I was involved in many artist-run initiatives, particularly board and artist participation at The New Gallery, and The Centre Gallery, Calgary's only woman-focused gallery initiative. The diversity of the people I met throughout my career in the arts inspired me to move into the field of mental health, so I attained a second baccalaureate degree, a BA Psychology, from Concordia University (2004). After 9 years of employment in the disability field, before, during, and after my psychology degree, I felt a need to further diversify the populations that I was working with as well as a desire to engage in more advocacy work. This led me to social work. I earned my master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary in 2011, focusing on clinical skills. I am a Registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers, and am authorized to provide psychosocial interventions. I am a member of the Canadian Society for Spirituality and Social Work, and Social Workers for Social Justice.


Shannon MacKinnon

Artist, Social Worker, Partner, Facilitator, Runner, Learner, Grass-roots activist, Nature-lover, Advocate, Cyclist, Performer, Educator, Writer, Traveler, Hiker, Gardener, Passionate, Professional

Next Steps...

Send me a message and we can meet or talk! I'd love to hear about what you have in mind.